Welecome in dark mind's shelter

Im DubbaThony. You may know me from many places, like steam. I usually identify self with that image:

Anyways, if you want know much about me, that may cause some issue, as I don't share much of my private info. I will simply say few things, and call it good, okay?

So Im from Poland, I code, in C++ and PHP. Okay, maybe Im not guru or anything like that, but everything is google'able. I like PHP for its ease of use and cpp for that its on one hand easy to understand and you have full control.

Im back-end person. If you ever ask me for front-end that is what you will get (look at site). Barebones, minimalistic, dark. Dark like my mind.

To be clear, by dark mind, does not mean like evil or anything like that. Im definitely opposite.

Other than that all, im cryptographically screwed up person. My good algo/motto: if (!encrypted) encrypt.

If you take beerware license seriously, if you are around Silesia in Poland (Sorry that's all my location info Im willing to share) try email admin@ ;). Postfix is up && running fully, so dont be bothered to send mail :) It was quite a bit of config.

I wish that world would be better place.