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Current Live Version: 1.4
My perspective description: Small but handy tool

open source, small tool that will sort out all of your "disk not spinning, how to keep it active!" problems. By the way, will extend life span of that disk. Disks hate to be re-spinned, so here you go: tool that will keep your disk spinning. How to use? Press that big button, navigate to your disk, and type in some random crap as file name. It will create temp file that will be constantly modified so your disk will never need to spin down with its hands bussy. On the very top you have treshold. Some disks keep spinning 7 seconds (like wd green) and some can keep even 15 minutes without any I/O. Adjust it to max if unsure, but make sure its BELOW your hdd max spin time without any input/output. Dont worry, its like few bytes, so your performance will NOT be affected.